What is Start a Business™?

Start a Business™ is a training programme made up of 6 modules covering 11 unit standards with a once-off payment of US$29.

What is the Purpose of Start a Business™?

The primary objectives are to have you exit with a professional business plan and to help you start a New Venture.

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What topics do we cover?

  • Produce a business plan for a new venture.

  • Identify and demonstrate entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities.

  • Match new venture opportunity to market needs.

  • Determine financial requirements of a new venture.

  • Manage finances for a new venture.

  • Apply the basics of customer service.

  • Manage marketing and selling processes of a new venture.

  • Behave in a professional manner in a business environment.

  • Apply basic business ethics in a work environment.

  • Manage business operations.

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